September 11, 2020
Dear AWANA Parents:

We hope and pray your family is safe and well. We are excited to announce that our new AWANA year has finally arrived! This AWANA year will be especially challenging with COVID and we must be in constant prayer for God’s guidance and wisdom. I met with Pastor Chris, Pastor Cole, andfd the AWANA Leaders, and we put together an AWANA Fall Plan to facilitate in-person meetings. Our goal is to create a safe and fun Jesus learning place and watch out for both the spiritual and physical wellbeing of everyone involved.

The AWANA Fall Plan includes:

  1. AWANA Fall start date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
  2. Meeting in person
  3. Sparks and T&T Clubs. The Pastors and I did not think that it would be feasible at this time to safely have the Cubbies in an in-person format.
  4. The AWANA Fall Health Protocol
    1. Parents bring children to check in table by the lower foyer outside door. Both children and parents will get temperature checked with a no-touch thermometer, and be asked if they exhibit any COVID symptoms. A full list of symptoms can be found on the Carroll County Health Department website.
    2. We will exercise social distancing, including wearing masks and six foot spacing. Masks will be available for any child or leader who may need one and six foot social distancing will be exercised. This is in cooperation with the Maryland Public Health guidelines.
    3. Parents will escort children to their clubs designated outside area or inside room.
    4. Parents will pick up their children from their inside room. This applies to all ages. This is in effort to provide child safety.
    5. AWANA leaders and church staff will do everything we can to ensure a clean and sanitary tables, chairs, and facilities whether we meet outside or inside.
  5. We will maintain the four elements of our normal AWANA night: opening, book time, gym time, and council time.
  6. Our primary option is to meet outside if the weather permits for first hour and move inside for last half hour (due to darkness). Outside plan: opening ceremony, recreation times, and book time in the large grass area north of the church. Sparks K, 1, 2, Pals, Pioneers, Chums, and Guards outside meeting areas will be spaced out and marked with appropriate signs. T&T council time will be in the gym and Sparks council time will be in room A1-A3. Parents will escort and drop children off at their outside area. There will be AWANA leaders at check-in table to direct them. Parents will pick children up at their normal inside classroom.
  7. If we experience bad weather, raining, or cold, we will move inside. Inside plan: opening ceremony, recreation times, and T&T council time in gym, Sparks council time in room A1-A3, book time for Sparks K, 1, 2, Pals, Pioneers, Chums, and Guards would be in their normal classrooms. Parents will drop children off at their normal classrooms. Parents would pick children up at their normal classrooms.
  8. COVID safe games are being developed for Recreation time.
  9. For students who are not able to meet in person, we will record our council times (Sparks and T&T) and post them on the AWANA Facebook page and on YouTube so that those students can participate.
  10. Children should bring towels or a small blanket to sit on when we are outside.

Please register your children if they will be participating in AWANA this year. You will need to fill out a registration form for each child online using this link: Please register ASAP so that we can complete our planning.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, and as always we look forward to seeking the Lord together throughout this new AWANA year!

Marc Schindehette

AWANA Commander

FROM 6:30-8:00 PM